Create a Decorative Room Using Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are stylish space saver that adds storage to a traditional or contemporary room. Floating shelves are one type of contemporary wall art which also has other functions. A floating shelves are installed properly will be able to handle a lot of weight and eliminates the need to buy storage. Now you do not need a rack support that makes the room look cluttered. Even using a floating shelves, you can create a decorative room. Moreover, many floating shelves that comes with a unique design.

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Has a floating shelves allows you to have an organized home. Ever feel bored with the messy house because accessories are not able to be displayed properly? they even scattered on the floor, it makes you feel uncomfortable and make visitors feel disgusted. Floating shelf is the solution for you, help you to decorate the room with beautiful accessories without having to lose a lot of space. So, what should you consider before buying a floating shelves?

Unique Curved FLoating Bookshelves


sketches and materials


White Corner Florating Shelves Decorative Floating Shelves Ideas

Before you buy a floating shelves system, it would be better to plan then finalize ideas through a sketch. The most important is how big the size and dimensions of the space taken up by a floating shelves. Consider all aspects because it will relate to safety, especially if you have young children. After that you can choose the material with good quality. Plan in advance what you will install there will be better and will make it easy to determine the appropriate materials.

DIY Floating Shelves Wooden Base

Floating Shelves Contemporary Design

You can choose MDF wood, glass or plastic as a priority. While the floating shelves systems have the right equipment to properly reach the column, you can hang any material such as shelves. Some clips are speci cally designed for glass, while the other rings can be used in conjunction with wood, aluminum or steel. Always the make sure you get the right to call them clips shelf materials.




Modern Floating Shelves For Bedroom

Kitchen Floating Shelves In Rustic Styles

Ensure the installation process properly is a must. floating shelf mounted on the wall using a metal strip or some people call “spines”. The supporting structure has a heavy load on the disks of the spine traction and push further into the bottom of the column. That is why the spine support is very important to get the most out of your floating shelf system. A good board support as a 2×4 or other deadwood needed behind the wall covering to withstand loads more decorations. Sometimes plywood veneer can be hung on the back shelves float to allow the spine to get a purchase on the wall with a bit of deadwood behind it. Make sure the floating shelves is installed perfectly balanced.

Decorative Floating Shelves With Tag

Minimalist Floating Bookshelves

So what are you waiting? now you are ready to make the room look more decorative by using floating shelves.